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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I think ending the war is a bad idea.
I guess JmPok is an Undine becuase the KDF is sure not acting Klingon at all. Frankly, we are just being portrayed like the federation even against the basic viewpoint and ideals of our own society.
YES. Let's kill off our chief questgiver and replace him with one that will actually order us to do the "evil" things that we signed up to do. Like genocide against pointy-eared bastards (I MEAN YOU, VULCANS AND ROMULANS).

WHY ARE WE HELPING THE ROMULANS? What the hell, every time I read a post about the upcoming content, I keep seeing where I'm supposed to be HELPING these selfish, back-stabbing, two-faced fashion disasters. What is wrong with you that you think I'm going to be okay with being nice to some smug freak who can't even ask for help without turning it into an insult? I'm sorry, I don't fly around in an Orion Marauder and launch Orion Slavers and keep the title of Privateer flying because I want to be A GOOD GUY.

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