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10-19-2012, 07:48 AM
Alright here she goes....

FED Main

Mobius: I.S.S. Echo > Mirror vessel, and can "echo"/"Clone" itself-ish (past/future variants)

Wells: U.S.S. Avalon > Like the name (Just got this one the other day, random gen came up with that - haven't decided on a custom name yet)

Galor: USS Koranak II:

D'Kora: USS Entreprenuer > Reason not required

Na'Far: USS Tek's Treasure > (Characters name is Fibertek)

Delta Flyer: USS Pillbug > Looks like a bug!

Recluse: USS Araneae > Name of spiders proper

Widow: USS Widow > Yea I know, it's original

Weaver: USS Araneidae > Name of spider weaver proper

Lt. Cmdr Connie: USS Shatner's Toupee > It represents age, as his as well when he got it XD

Escort Retrofit (Ushaan > T5 non-fleet variant) - USS Waverider - Looks kinda like a bodyboard

Fleet Defiant (F-Tac-Retro): USS Fair Haven: One of my fav. VOY episodes.

HEC: USS Judgement > No reason in particular, the name goes well with the Thunderchild skin (Judgement : Thor : God of Thunder I suppose)

Fleet Patrol Escort: USS Independence > Actually completely off the game on that one, just stole the name from the Mon Calamari flagship in X-Wing.

Class F Shuttle (Retired): USS Sixties > 'Nuff said.

Odyssey Star Cruiser (2yr Freebie): U.S.S. Iced Raktajino > Never fly it, so decked it with Aegis and the TOS phasers from the T1 Connie > blue/icey lookin whale now.

There's a few I missed, I'll edit them in later as the server is kaput right now.