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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Because?! Do you even have to ask? The starbase didn't have a fish tank! How on Earth did we live without a fish tank?

(cookie if you knew what I'm talking about)
200k dilithium? Yeah no. Even for a 2:1 fleet conversion THIS WOULD NOT BE WORTH IT ON EITHER SIDE!

With everything that's coming the potential for Dilithium drying up faster than water in a desert (which i'll remind you isnt the easiest thing to cap out in most cases if you're not a chain alting madman) is about to become even worse. 200k dilithium? With the season 7 changes on the horizion? If i play this game past season 7 not only is it a NO its a HELL NO.

Take a look at the season 7 changes on tribble man and tell me it is worth it. PLEASE tell me its worth it i'd love to be able to call you a blind idiot! ;P