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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Why oh why won't some players heal their ships before entering STF's?!

Had one earlier - out of five players only myself, in my Rhode Island, and a Klingon Bortas were flying ships without injuries. The remainder of the team were using ships that had a minimum of two, one player having at least five.

Saying that, the player with five ship injuries must have had problems with a subspace jump console or something, as he jumped in and out of the instance like a yo-yo. One moment it was "whatshisface has joined the match" two seconds later "whatshisface has left the match". Saying that, he was useless when he did participate anyway.

Anyhow - this was possibly one of the most painful ISE instances I've ever played - Captain yo-yo notwithstanding, we also had a player in a Patrol Escort who wouldn't listen - his DPS was good to be fair, though his shields weren't and his playing hero, almost to the point that one got the impression that he thought he could solo the mission, meant that he spent a lot of time in respawn oblivion. So that left me, the Bortas and a Starcruiser who did know what he was doing (beyond not healing his injuries) as the only three effective players. And we completed it, but it took a while and the loot was junk.
Ouch, those are the ones that are most annoying, the worst I have seen is a ship in an infected elite that have 20 critical ship injuries and wouldn't heal them even though we gave him some heals to help, at the end of the match, when he saw the injuries, guess what he said

"Do these red damages on my ship affect my performance at all?"

Me = facepalm