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Originally Posted by kingstonalan View Post
how are "1-2DBB/1-2Torp/3 Turrets for a Science Vessel"....high DPS than broadsiding 6 beams?

I was under the impression that 6 beams broadside are the highest DPS for sci ships
Nah. Aside from the whole No-AoE-damage business;

(i) Projectile Weapon DOFFs drastically increase the frequency of Torpedo Shots - to the point that taking an additional Launcher will grant you higher DPS than taking an additional Beam, DBB or even DHC whenever power drain from energy weapons firing is considered.

And then you have the whole range thing.

(ii) Science Vessels have no bonus to weapons power, meaning they find it very hard to hit the soft cap (125) even whenever they're not trying to buff up all their AUX powers. Lower weapons power affects Energy weapons (like beams) but not Projectile weapons (like Torps, or Mines). Turrets also drain slightly less energy than Beams.

It's not that 6x BA is bad DPS, but that it's not generally-speaking the highest Science Vessels can achieve. Their turn rate is more than sufficient to keep targets in narrow weapon arcs.

Last time I parsed it, the highest ranged DPS for a Sci on STFs was easilly 2x Quantum Torps + DBB + 3 Turrets (with Gravity Well 3). If you're comfortable closing to point blank range, Tricobalt Mines plus TBR3 (at very low aux) are better. PSW3 with multiple cooldown reduction DOFFs used to be the best way to go for point-blank damage before the skillpoint effectiveness nerf.

The reason to go for 2xDBB/1Torp instead of 1xDBB/2Torp is if your target is heavilly shielded. STFs are better with 2 Torps due to the sheer amount of HP of some of those large unshielded targets.

Another option is to use shield drains (or power drains - example: multiple Tyken's Rifts via a Gravimetric DOFF) to completely drain your foe's shields instead of going for additional raw damage from your Sci BOFF powers.

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