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10-19-2012, 09:04 AM
Well, to be fair, 200K isn't that much for a mid-sized fleet. 25 people depositing one day's dilithium grind can cover it, and fleets have room for 500. For smaller fleets, and solo fleets, the cost to gain ratio is more outlandish, yes.

Still, with apparently dilithium influx being cut (the Tribble STFs award no dilithium) and more sinks for the stuff being added (doff recruiting assignments cost dilithium on Tribble, as does merging doffs, and it's entirely probably they'll expect you to sink it into their reputation system as well) the average fleet member's willingness to contribute dilithium (or for that matter, doffs) is going go the way of the Romulans. Afterall, he's now getting less than before, and he needs more than before.

Maybe the devs secretly want to go transfer to the Neverwinter team, and are purposely trying to tank the game so the STO team can be disbanded.