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Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
There I was...

Infected Space Elite.

I pugged in and said, 'Hi' as usual.

I got some rare replies.

Good Start????

Now I have this miserable cold, sneezing, caughing and gagging... Eeeewwww....

Everybody agrees on the 10% rule as we are killing the entry group.


We fly over to the left and kill the cube, I buzz over to the back side and bring a node down to about 12%

We're all waiting for one other node to drop down and what happens???

I sneeze....

Somewhere in the throws and convulsions of the sneeze I hit the fire button.

I killed my node while the one we are waiting for is still at about 50%.

A couple people say nasty things to me and I try to explain that I sneezed.

Aside from that incident all went well.

Everyone told me next time keep my hand away from the fire button if I need to sneeze.

(I though it was pretty funny myself....)

Oh the irony of a sneeze causing a problem in a mission named "Infected"

Good war story!
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