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10-19-2012, 08:12 AM
Originally Posted by milestfox View Post
Annoying part with the new Azure Nebula: Will it do away with the Empire Defense: Romulans mission? If so, what will replace it's 1440 dil, to allow for daily grind towards 8k?
Oh, haven't you heard? They want to give us YET ANOTHER useless currency that we can't trade. Yeah, I've got stockpiles of fleet marks I can't use because even if I do get to use them on a fleet project, I spend about half of what I got and fill the bar up single-handedly ... and I have tons of GPL because nothing I want uses it. Oh, and let's not forget the small quantity of Lobi that's taking up space in my bank because I don't care to spend $20 opening enough boxes to get enough to buy something (because none of the Lobi store items really seem worth that much to me, and none of the box rewards seem to be worth the $1.25 it costs to open said box, except maybe the ships that are like a 2% chance).

No, now we're supposed to care about "Romulan Marks" and some "reputation system" because apparently, we're supposed to care what OUR ENEMIES think of us. I don't care if they're paying us in some worthless currency that will buy a new gun or a crappy outfit. I don't even care if they dangle a new ship in front of us, because I don't want to go around looking like one of them.

Seriously, if I don't get to roll in on the front lines and slaughter these guys for no reason other than their mothers dress them funny, I'm going to be incredibly disappointed.