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i currently use this BO layout
Commander TAC: TT1, Torp:Spread2, APO1, C:RF3
Lt. Tac: TT1, C:RF1
Lt.Cmdr universal (ENG): EPtS1, RSP1, AtSIF2
Ensign ENG: EPtS1
Lt. universal (SCI): HE1,PH2

Shield: Honor Guard
Deflector: Honor guard
Engine: Borg

I want to change the Delfector and Shield with Omega.


Front : 4 DHC's
Rear: 2 turrets, 1 chroniton mine


ENG: Borg console. Aceton assimilator
SCI: Manheim device, 2x Field generators, Plasmonic leech
TAC: 4x Phaser relay

Weapon power : 100/25/50/25

Doffs: 3x Blue shield distribution, 2x blue evasive.

What i should change to make this build more viable for PVP?

I often see people talking about Driver Coil and Threat Control, are they any good on PVP? Subsystem Repair?

Space skills:

I know.. i have no points in power insulators/flow cap but i have enough zen for 1 respec

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