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yo mini

i love my b'rel. although my klingon main tac is rocking the fleet vorcha right now, i have my b'rel in the hangar ready to go when i feel like a stroll though kerrat. its the perfect kerrat ship, but in the arenas it pops like a shuttle, i built her really engie heavy to keep up....check it out:

Qen Oy (tac) - IKS Soghloch Et

Disruptor DBB accx3
disruptor DHC accx3
2 x Quantum Torps accx2 crtD
2 disruptor turrets of "meh"

KHG shields, engine.
Borg def

Aux batteries, Subspace field modulator

1 x Neutronium, 1 x plas leech, 1 RCS
2 x shield gen, 1 x borg console
3 x Disruptor coil

3 purple torp cooldown doffs
2 purple evasive cooldown doffs

TT1, HY2, BO3, APO3
TT1, HY2, BO3

typical BOP mindset for piloting. all spike and agility with no silly sci frills. evasive every 25 seconds lines up with aux2sif a lot believe it or not, which hardens my hull along with the subspace field modulator (devidian missions i think?) for alternate hull hardening for battlecloak.

a BO3 and HY2 every 15 seconds. boom boom. extra torps flying out all the time. keep your distance once and a while and just fire off streams of HY quantums on the focus target of another ship.

epts up all the time..... RSP to get you another 6 seconds to hopefully get out and cloak if you've been smacked around by sci CC too much.

i like this build. been flying it for over a year. land the torps and the overload at the same time between your target's tac team cycle and watch them melt.

have fun kill bad guys
W/the Vet ship you can TT, HY2, BO3 APO3


EPTW, Aux2Batt1


TB (or other utility)

3xTech, 2x Torp

Have an extra rear weapon slot, lotus/shield vamp, BC, slower turnrate/1 less console, 1xtra device slot, more hull and built in +30 ACC so you can dump some of the ACC mods for CritH or CritD.

Or basically use your setup w/an xtra ens Boff and rear weapon mount and the built in +30 ACC and much more hull.

Other than some Sci oriented builds the Vet ship, Fleet Torkaht, or even Karfi wins out anymore. This doesn't include the Lotto ship options either. 2k Zpoints per ship is too much imo for the limited benefits of the Fleet Raiders. Imo, even the Fl Destroyers and Escorts are behind most of the Z-Store/Fed Fleet Escort options.