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And don't give me any crap about relying on teammates for healing. I don't know 5 people who log on at the same random times as me, so I'm stuck with power-leveled free-to-pay n00bs in pick-up games, and have to depend solely on myself for healing and resistance, while still trying to bring enough DPS to get through the mission before some clueless @sstard borks it for me.
You don't need team healing to survive, trust me I pug space STFs and there's virtually no cross healing there (even when you've got 4 cruisers there).

2x tact team, 2x emergency power to shields, hazard emitters 1 and transfer shield strength 2 is more then enough to fend off the borg, even for a tac captain in an escort who has aggroed the tactical cube.
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