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Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
Without reading the thread, I'm gonna guess the most common answer will be some variation on a boring-@ss "4 x DHC, 3 x Turret, 4 x Energy weapon XYZ Console" escort build.

Which may be the best way to make use of the programming within the game, but not the most FUN way to play a Star Trek game, in my humble opinion. I like having fore and aft torpedo launchers and a DBB in the mix.
Again... Nah.

Have a quick read, THEN make with the rant and rolling-eye smilies.

I'm all for fun in games (see what I did there? ) but even efficiency-wise it's never as simple as 4x DHC builds always being the "best way" to go: they're only good in one situation (ST damage versus shielded targets at medium range) and end up falling behind in other situations.

Originally Posted by kingstonalan View Post
ill try that THX. ....btw, why tractor repulsers 3 ?
TBR works by causing damage pulses to all enemies within range, and each pulse carries a strong repel. If you can keep the enemy within range for all pulses (typically managed by minimizing the repel strength and moving quickly towards the enemy, possibly along with dropping a Gravity Well) then it can do a large amount of Kinetic Damage.

The repel from TBR's pulses is based on your AUX power - so running at very low AUX by diverting it all to weapons, or by using certain abilities (example: Aux2SIF or Aux2BAT) will cause TBR pulses to make the enemy hardly move, wheras running at high AUX can cause an enemy to be catapulted across the zone. The damage inflicted by each pulse is not affected by your AUX, but by your Particle Generator skill.

Low Aux + Short Range + TBR3 = Good.
High Aux + Long Range + GW3 = Good.
Both are affected by your Particle Generators Skill.

(there are a few other tricks too... example: GW stacks very well with APB and Torpedo Spread!)

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