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I have a KDF science officer in the Vo'Quv carrier - I have bought and tested every carrier pet available for EC, hoping to get an idea of how they perform and been underwhelmed.

Based on forum writings in the PvP section - syphon drones are hugely OP, and capable of redering elite tactical cubes helpless - but even with a full set of flow cap consoles and spec into flow cap skills, the regular syphon drones can't even disable a probe in the empire defence scenario.

Orion slavers - mine never stole anything, but they did seem a bit more effective than the standard To'Duj fighters which were almost completely ineffective.

The B'rel BOPs work ok.

The specs of the advanced versions look better, but how does that translate in practice?

I'm wondering wether the Vo'Quv was a bad mistake, and whether I should just cut my losses and walk away now rather than spend my small stockpile of dil on new pets.