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10-19-2012, 11:12 AM
100% agreement here too.
For all the good it will do, players have been complaining about the Klingon UI and sometimes the Federation one for a long time and so far other than vague comments in devblogs about how they are investigating it, nothing.
A comprehensive players guide for game configuration is sadly needed, it's possible to search the forums or ask questions there, some good people can and do offer help, but it still involves looking through a maze of random comments, outright insults and useless trivia to find useful information. There is the Star Trek wiki but no one yet has taken the time to compile a user guide for game configuration there.
The game incorporates no UI modification ability, otherwise there are many enterprising users that would have by now designed UIs far superior to any of Cryptic's offerings.
UI mod support is something Cryptic should seriously consider, it would allow users to create UIs to their own tastes whilst relieving Cryptic of the time and effort of designing UIs that may or may not suit everyone's desires. The added benefits of allowing users to make a direct useful contribution to the game should be self evident.