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Originally Posted by tajrek View Post
I too would be all for this . It'd have to be pretty low reward though per Zen and that would also cause a flame war but still something like a guaranteed 10 Lobi per 110 zen or something would be super nice. I just want the time ship escort and not the science one but Im tired of opening boxes and getting 2 to 15 lobi per box .
Aim higher. You already get a guaranteed amount per Zen every time you use a master key, so don't expect any exchange rate to be equal to or less than the existing rates from lock boxes. If you want to set an exchange rate you are going to be disappointed to find it's closer to 100+ zen per lobi.

Probably the reason you don't see that is because Lobi ends up being cheaper in lock boxes than through a flat out exchange rate. In fact, what you are doing with the master key is essentially what you are suggesting, purchasing an allotment of Lobi (with a little prize thrown into the box as well).
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