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Yes, when energy damage is being applied, even in small amounts to an Aceton assimilator, they spit out an AOE that will kill a mine..

How ever, the Drain beam from an Aceton Assimilator ALSO kills mines as they are being deployed. I have witnessed this one first hand and on MANY occations. It is what makes mines useless against an Aceton Assimilator just as much as the Blast that comes from them when you hit them with Energy.

Also, they are too damn sturdy. And you should never be able to spit out more then ONE assimilator per cool down. It should do the same thing that happens when you try to Deployment Pattern the same mine. The old mine pattern vanishes and is replaced with the new one.

In my opinion, Drain counters should be:
Emergency Power to X
Auxilery to the Battery
X Battery
EPS (Engi Skill)
Even EPS Consoles could help provide extra Resistance vs Energy siphon Drain.

Also, something to consider that is worse then what you said.. When your being Energy Drained, Viral Matrix is also annoying, because it doesn't drain your systems, but shuts them down. Tack that on with the usual energy drain builds and you'll be hitting your warp out button just as fast if not faster.
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