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Originally Posted by ddesjardins View Post
Sorry for any confusion - I do work in Marketing, just not in the gaming industry. If my post sounds like marketing drivel, it comes from experience.

Wow guys - I'm not a plant. I just had a great experience.

Like many other players I've spent quite a bit to get certain ships. I did not get the Jemmy or the Galor, but have blown close to $400 on keys in the attempt. Looking back I should have just sold the keys, and bought what I wanted. I limited myself to 100 in this pass simply for financial reasons - I could not justify a buy until i win it mentality. In this case, I had great luck.

Looking back I had probably had more lobi than my initial claim. Give me at least the benefit of the doubt. My tac officer opened them all, and probably had more than 50 at the start. I had opened 50 or so tholian boxes before the last update. My sci toon - the recipient of the reward pack sits on 50 or so - my bad. Don't think ill of Cryptic.

As for the lobi store - had I known of the temporal set, I would have had my scitoon open the boxes as the purchase is bonded to the character that buys them.

Just so you know - as the lobi shows up, there's a tally on the left hand side of your screen.... saw over 200 between openings at least twice.

This set of boxes have turned my opinion on the whole lock-box issue. I shared my experience - next time I wont.

One last point - been chatting with others who have done the same thing. In three cases they too saw a Wells in less than 50 keys. Four had theirs in 10. That's why they call it luck.

You have to excuse some of the people on these forums, they're not content unless they can find anything to complain about or troll someone else's posts.
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