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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
If I'm reading this right...

Completing optionals in Normal STFs will be more desirable than completing Elite STFs, given the the Elite STF rewards are set.

THE OPTIONALS ARE BAD. They are team killers.

Even if you changed what they are, it still means you will lose people when one fails.

Your design philosophy and my understanding of this game from playing it are not matching up in some important ways. I think you need to connect your design philosophy to player understanding of the game.

Otherwise, ask Jack Emmert about how well Enhancement Diversification went. (And he was right that something needed to be done there. It was absurd pre-ED. But the problem was that the philosophy needed to be connected with player understanding.) (And be careful on using the acronym when you ask him because I'd imagine asking the CEO about his ED could be all kinds of funny awkward.)
Zero wrote this: "Elite rewards three times the Omega marks of a Normal STF"
So say normal gives 100 marks... (just an easy number)
Normal would be 100 + Optional of 25 would total 125 marks
Elite would be 300 + Optional of 75 would total 375 marks

I'm not understanding where you are coming from.
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