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Originally Posted by sirsri View Post
I'm not following your logic here. Well, at least not the part I quoted. The notes say that you get 3x the marks for elite over normal, so unless you can do normal in less than 1/3 the time it would seem to remain preferable to do elites.

Optionals offering only a 25% bonus seems like a reasonable compromise, you want to give people something to work for but not so important they'll rage quit if it fails. The problem with rage quitting is that it is symptomatic of people believing that if you can't do the optional you can't do the mission in a reasonable time, or that the only thing worth doing is the optional. This would seem like it's more of a bonus than a requirement.
I'd say Elites maybe take around 2.5 times as long but if you get a bad PuG, they're worth nothing. So the entire time gets wasted when a PuG fails and making the optionals this desirable will cause a high rate of PuG failures.

I'd say the typical group CANNOT do optionals but CAN complete the missions, particularly on the ground.