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10-19-2012, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
Kinda worried about this

*WARNING: personal opinion incoming, this is not a fact or statement; just an opinion!*

I was hoping for something fresh and new, not a rehash of the fleet system which personally I've gotten completely bored of , so much grind, requirements, and time required to clear missions, time required to gain exp, bigger gaps with no increase to exp gain... its just such a big killjoy to me

*WARNING alert over*

But hey, worth taking a look i guess?
That's the spirit! I'm also kinda like "blah, rehash of the fleet system." But in a way, that's kinda good for those of us who are in fleets that take a few days to kick off a project (and we lack the things to contribute to it, but have other stuff). Or for those of us who are in a fleet which always seems to have all its projects going and we're never able to contribute to them.

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