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Originally Posted by entnx01 View Post
So in what all ways can we get Dilithium from running STFs? Sounds like you're saying we can turn Marks into Dilithium as well as getting a flat reward from Elite STFs? And are Elite STFs the only way to get Dilithium out of STFs in any way now?

Just making sure your and Brandon's comments are in-line that Elite STFs are the only Dilithium source from STFs.
If I'm understanding Salami's comments correctly, the flat 480 (I think it's 480 for normals?)/flat 1100 for Elites will remain. So regardless of optionals or Elite marks, you'll still get your Dilithium per run. However, instead of chance-based salvage drops in either Normal or Elite that can be currently turned in for additional dilithium, instead (in Elite only, mind you) you'll get a guaranteed-drop Elite mark which can be used for either gear or more dilithium.