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Originally Posted by xapocalypseponyx View Post
Wish I could say the same. It's just one idiot after another. Just got out of a great match of KASE, in which Mr. "OMGZORS! I can push things!!!!11eleventy" Pushed Donatra around for 20 minutes. Dead serious.

As stated earlier, I shut them engines down and watched the fun. Every time the group would get around her, whoosh away she went. All that it needed was some classic Benny Hill music and it would have made a great Youtube video.
That would be hell to actually experience, but I can imagine that it'd be a hilarious watch!

I'm a repulsor user. That said, I'm as careful as I can be with them i.e. watch for GW and tykens that have been thrown down as well as escorts lining up for a run. But generally they are safe to use as long as you follow one simple rule.

Stay directly ahead of the ships to be pushed.

I have to admit that I'm not perfect. There are times where I'm just a tiny bit out of alignment with the targets and I end up either scattering them or pushing them off the plane i.e. upwards or downwards.
And I'll be darned, but sometimes my sense of timing dies and I end up hitting repulsors seemingly at the same instant someone lays down a GW. I don't know about other users, but I get a horrible feeling when I see that it hasn't gone just right
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