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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Breen Set can easily be earned solo.

KHG (and its Adapted MACO counterpart) takes a full team concerted effort, as you have to have achieved at least two pieces of a set which requires Elite STF runs to earn.

The Breen and Jemhadar sets were not intended to be considered "end-game" sets. They are intended to be more of a step between typical Mk X-XI gear, and STF equipment.
how about aegis, at the very least it should be on par with the borg set. the engine is good, +5 defence is nice and its a hyper, i think the deflecter had good mods in it, but the shields is basically just a blue quality cap2 cov, and thats just terrible. its set bonuses are very nice, but the shield is just bad. how about cap2, reg2? or cap2, +10% resistance like maco has? this shield would still be quite inferior to stf sets even with ether buff.
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