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10-19-2012, 02:53 PM
Really, the high-end hanger-pets are indeed better than the normal versions. My humble opinion is that the best pets are the advanced Frigates and Skul fighters for the Kar'Fi. For the Voquv, most people seem to get the most out of BoPs. Their alpha-strike is respectable, and they pop out photon torpedoes all over the place.

Most of the Advanced versions just add a higher tier skill (like Torpedo Heavy Yield II instead of I) or else they increase the pet's defenses so they last longer. They do cost more, but they really do improve the effectiveness.

The power drain drones are fine with a full power drain build. Enhanced FlowCaps, Tyken's Rifts, Power Drain deflector powers all add together for monstrous draining, but you really have to commit yourself. Plasmonic Leech plus Polarons plus FlowCaps plus Drain Drones plus Tyken's Rift plus Siphon Beam plus Breen Siphon all add up to powerless opponents. The fewer items you add in, the less likely you'll actually shut them down. Even without a gung-ho build, the target my still be moving and shooting, but you'll notice that their energy weapons are so weak that they don't actually hurt your shields. You don't have to shut them down completely to take them out of the fight.