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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
Kinda worried about this

*WARNING: personal opinion incoming, this is not a fact or statement; just an opinion!*

I was hoping for something fresh and new, not a rehash of the fleet system which personally I've gotten completely bored of , so much grind, requirements, and time required to clear missions, time required to gain exp, bigger gaps with no increase to exp gain... its just such a big killjoy to me

*WARNING alert over*

But hey, worth taking a look i guess?
Think of it this way:

The DOFF system is kind of the flip-side system of the Personal Advancement system in how they basically work -
  • DOFF system requires mainly returnable inputs and give you rewards - Resource Gen.
  • PA system requires non-returnable inputs and gives you rewards - Resource Sink.
Together those two systems have pairty and obviously the rewards from the DOFF system should be some of the inputs for the PA system to allow for "item-flow through"

Now what stands out in this whole thing??? The Fleet System does not have the same parity. It only serves as a resource sink. What could the next "Big Eng-game System" be???? How about a "Fleet Officer System" Why not have a large system analogous to the DOFF system where fleet members temporarily assign their DOFFs for the betterment of their fleet?? This is kind of what we thought we were getting in the first place. The beneficial side effect is that Cryptic will have to rethink their currency system. Where do the 50 provisions go that my DOFFs got for the fleet and how is a reward tracked?

For this go back to my proposal to create a "personal cargo hold" which is simply a jazzed up DOFF Cargo Hold and Bank system where you "deposit/withdraw". Now in addition to players having one of these to reduce inventory clutter, the fleet has one in their UI to reduce inventory clutter.

Back to the "Fleet Officer System", so I did the mission and got 50 provisions, I get X amount of Fleet Credits, the 50 provisions then populate in the "Starbase Cargo Hold". When a Fleet mission is queued that requires provisions, the amount in the "Starbase Cargo Hold" autopopulates it and no one gets Fleet Credits for it because you already got your Fleet Credits for the initial mission.