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10-19-2012, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
As stated in the blog that will go live next week, the embassy will take less than half the time and resources than the starbase. Your embassy would likely be done in the same time it's taken your fleet to earn the progress you have in your starbase.

Edit! The blog hasnt gone live, but consider that an appetizer!

Thank you for replying. However, the sentiment that I have and that I am getting from my fleet mates is the we are ?tapped out" on the Starbases. Most of the old timers have spent their pre F2P stock piles and many of the fleet?s "big spenders? have cut back or moved on to other games and the active players are growing bored repeating the same few mission.

Even if the embassy will take half the time and resources than the starbase, you are still adding two personal reputations sinks that will spread our currently low resources even thinner. I have heard more that one person in my fleet say ?it not worth it anymore.?

I love Trek and have been with STO since day 1. But When I look around my fleet, I see few and fewer names and progress on things is getting slower and slower. I hope the S7 bring people back. But I am worried that they will see more grind and move on the so many other gaming options out there.