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10-19-2012, 03:28 PM
Thats what single cannons are for, they are pretty strong but not as strong as DHC, but they get 180 degree firing arc. I use DHC on my Tac Bortasqu in PVE and single cannons in PVP. Decloaking alpha from tac bortasqu even with single cannons still is enough to kill many people outright considering its buffed by 5 tac consoles and you have 1 more turret then escorts to help make up for the weaker single cannons. Any target strong enough to survive the cannons can be eliminated with disruptor autocannon. Bortasqu with 180 degree DHC would be completley OP, never any reason to use other ships if they did that.
No we don't need 180 degree DHC, the single cannons serve that purpose, give them a try, even very rares aren't to expensive.

I find single cannons to be highly underrated, they are great for cruisers, even can be fun on escorts sometimes to make it easy to keep other escorts in firing arc in dog fights, this lowers burts dps against targets but gives much higher sustained dps since you are almost always hitting them allowing you to wear target down. I actually have easier time keeping cannons on target with cruisers then using broadside, since the 180 degree arc is bigger then the broadside arc where the front and rear beams firing arc intersect.