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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
Yes, when energy damage is being applied, even in small amounts to an Aceton assimilator, they spit out an AOE that will kill a mine..

How ever, the Drain beam from an Aceton Assimilator ALSO kills mines as they are being deployed. I have witnessed this one first hand and on MANY occations. It is what makes mines useless against an Aceton Assimilator just as much as the Blast that comes from them when you hit them with Energy.
Actually, you don't even need to fire on it. It has an inherit ability to release radiation damage at 30-60 a second. It's not much and, frankly, unnoticeable. Unless you deploy a mine or heavy torpedo (which only has 1 hit point and no shields). In which case, it will instantly kill anything that is launched.

What may look like the drain is killing the mines/heavy torpedoes, is actually just the weak radiation damage doing more damage than what the mines/heavy torpedoes can take.

If you do fire on it with energy weapons, with skill points in Particle Generators and buffed by tactical skills, it can do 2-3k damage per hit.

The cheapness of the Aceton Assimilators isn't the drain, it's the resistance to energy damage (I had a fleet mate fire on it fully buffed with just energy weapons, and he couldn't get it down past 20 damage before he had to stop from all the backlash he was getting), constant radiation damage (rendering mines and heavy torpedoes useless), and powerful damage when it's fired upon by energy weapons.