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10-19-2012, 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by claransa View Post
Not at all surprised to find "Too many attempts: please try again later" this is going to be one of the most popular additions to STO especially when we can do DOFF missions with it

Edit: I for one will be testing it with an iPhone 3GS

Okay I can access it now, but the front screen does not scroll on an iPhone 3GS (latest OS). It cuts off at "Unselect this if you are using a" and attempting to scroll causes a grey back ground to rise causing more text to cut off but goes away if you release.

One time code added hit the "GO" button on the iPhone and... nothing. Not able to scroll to see if there is a button i can click on the website. and while typing this "Gateway is Under Maintenance"

(if I'm being a pest please let me know, i really really want this to work)

Still no joy, same problem as above

The problem seems to be that i'm only scrolling the background and not the pop-up window. When I view it in landscape mode I can see a bit more but i cannot get past the "browser name" field.
I can confirm the same problem on my 4S - it seems they can't have tested it on an iOS device yet, though I'm sure you're aware this is similar behaviour to forum login screens. It's...irritating on such a huge mobile browser. I have a theory for a work around but can't do anything until the errors are fixed