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10-19-2012, 03:17 PM
Tested on multiple systems:

Desktop, Windows 7, Chrome Version 22 (stable): Runs fine. Not too surprising.

Desktop, OS X 10.8, Chrome Version 24 (dev): Runs fine. Again not surprising.

Desktop, OS X 10.8, Safari Version 6.0.1: Sam as Chrome. Ran fine.

iPad (1st Gen), Chrome: Laggy, several double taps required to access anything.

iPad (1st Gen), Safari: Faster than Chrome, still laggy. Perhaps attributed to the better JavaScript performance of the Nitro engine. Double tap required to access character.

iPad (1st Gen), Springboard Bookmark: Read as separate web browser. Required another code to access. Performance similar to Safari. Perhaps better, but not by much. Runs in full screen, so thats a bonus. Horrible app icon, make a better one.

iPad (1st Gen) Notes: I can attribute the bad performance to the 256MB of RAM in the iPad. However the app would benefit from not having to be run in a web browser (thereby not having to deal with the RAM overhead of running the browser in addition to rendering the content of the web app.)

iPhone 3GS, Chrome: Can not pass code screen, page does not scroll. Button not visible.

iPhone 3GS, Safari: Same issue.

iPhone 3GS, Springboard Bookmark: Didnt bother testing, assumed same issue would occur as with Chrome and Safari.

So... BranFlakes, remember when I called your web app junky? And then you asked me to use it before calling it junky. Congrats! You have a junky web app.

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