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10-19-2012, 03:19 PM
Breen Set can easily be earned solo.

KHG (and its Adapted MACO counterpart) takes a full team concerted effort, as you have to have achieved at least two pieces of a set which requires Elite STF runs to earn.

The Breen and Jemhadar sets were not intended to be considered "end-game" sets. They are intended to be more of a step between typical Mk X-XI gear, and STF equipment.
Nothing personol, but you do realise that by the time people can get thes sets they will allmost certianlly have the supiriour borg or part STF sets...

Having them be so infiriour is the same as saying don't ever even consider using them. Becuase there's simply no reason to, you can get better gear immidietlly.