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"There are too few Romulans left for us to fight one another,? said D'Tan, a leader of the Reunification movement that has been working for decades to reunite the Romulan and Vulcan species. ?What we need to do is reject the culture of secrecy and deception that has defined us for far too long. We need to reach out to our enemies and call them friends. Most importantly, we need to find a new world. Our homeworld is gone. We cannot cling to the memories any longer. We need to find a planet where we can live in peace.?
Would you like to know more about D'Tan. He was just a boy in Unification Part 2. My how he grew up.

Maybe someone who does some editing for Memory-Alpha could include this little news into his page.

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Yeah dan stahl has lost the plot. Its more grind and just nothing what I am wanting from a sto rpg multiplayer game.
Fixed that for ya.
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