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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Breen Set can easily be earned solo.

The Breen and Jemhadar sets were not intended to be considered "end-game" sets. They are intended to be more of a step between typical Mk X-XI gear, and STF equipment.
nobody,but nobody uses the breen set for stfs,everyone get to lvl 45 and throws on some normal shields from some random drop and does enough to get the borg stuff for edcs then by the time they have 15 edcs they are at Va and rdy for elite stfs.

the breen set was originally made a for commander rank as a "low rank ship set",since you now reach Va before you have access to the breen set its a waste of everryones time and effort.

put the breen series back to commander level and more people may use the breen set.