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10-19-2012, 03:27 PM
It takes practice but I have little trouble hitting stuff with Bortasqu in pvp with cannons.
Use evasive manuver doff, attack pattern omega, engine power should be somewhere around 70/50, Impulse thrusters and engine performance skills maxed, and use reverse while turning too. Use a tractor beam too if that still isn't enough.

Single cannons are not puny, their dps isn't that much lower then DHC. Especially when buffed by the only 5 tac console ship the KDF gets. 4 single cannons with 4 turrets and 5 tac consoles is about the same as 4DHC and 3 turrets buffed by only 4 tac consoles, and when using DHC in PVE the advantage goes completley to Bortasqu.