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# 1 Task Force Delta Recruiting
10-19-2012, 03:27 PM
Task Force Delta
Task Force 73-Delta, commonly known as Task Force Delta, is a special operations force of the 7th Fleet and Task Group 73. Under the command of Rear Admiral Jaarod Naris, TFD is an eclectic mix of Starfleet's finest and those officers Command doesn't know what else to do with. Nevertheless, TFD tends to find itself receiving some of Starfleet's toughest assignments.

Operating out of Deep Space Delta near the Klingon border, the Delta's primary mission is to secure Federation space while trying to preserve the ideals of Starfleet. This task is always easier said than done...

Task Force Delta is now open to new recruits. We are a small but dedicated fleet. We have no strict age requirements but are all adults with families and/or other responsibilities. We generally play in the evening, between 7pm Eastern and 10pm Eastern. Mondays and Wednesday are event nights where we all try to do something as a fleet; primarily group content like STF's or missions for fleet marks but occasionally do some RP.

We have a starbase that is being upgraded to Tier 3, with Engineering/Fabricator already at Tier 3 and the Military/Shipyard not far behind. We're looking for fun, friendly people who like a semi-hardcore/semi-casual group to play with and continue advancing a functioning starbase and, with Season 7, an Embassy.

We occasionally do some fleet RP. While RP participation is not required, we do want people who are at least friendly to the idea.

Open to RP
Open to End-game content

Contact @Maarkean in game or via the forums for consideration.
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