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Originally Posted by sybok View Post
Well BO3 as horizon said. Also as far as the enhanced battle cloak, I use it because it allows you to use almost every skill while cloaked. If I'm bugging out of a fight at 20% hull it allows me to ensure that PH is up to help with the doubtlessly incoming torpedo barrage and heal up while positioning myself to re-alpha into the fight.

I also use it for prepping a fighting area by dropping mines while cloaked (or just to be annoying to a fedball) before engaging the target. When going in for the attack it allows me to activate more abilities before dropping cloak (FOMM comes to mind as it's often the last thing I hit before dropping cloak. It alerts the target but by that time I'm already dropping cloak and it's too late).

In addition, B'rels can ping the caps in a cap n' hold while cloaked. I don't think you can capture while cloaked but you can ping one to stop the enemy from gaining more points. It's a great way to save points while not exposing yourself.
Ok so you are taking advantage of enhance battle cloak by using mines and science before you decloak and after cloaking, but from what I understand about the other builds listed they are just using standard Heghta BOP builds and tactics in a B'rel when a Heghta could do the same job, is free, and a little tougher.