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Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
Several people that have looked at the system have mentioned that the pricing looks pretty achievable. They would be correct. This system was designed to be relatively painless, and was based on actual data draws of the daily currency earn rate of the average player then only a fraction of that.

For a peak at the future, running two T5 xp projects will cost 8k dilithium total. So we're asking for 8k dilithium every 40 hours at the very top end, not too bad.

Gear will cost more in line with the dilithium store as far as dilithium costs go, but for actually progressing through the system and earning the captain powers its very very achievable.

As I already pointed this adds a fourth grind on top of Dilithium Daily grinding, STF grinding, and Fleet grinding. Trust me, it's extremely painful. Especially when you have to do this for multiple characters.

Not to mention those who been working MONTHS to get those Elite STF Sets, now get a massive middle finger in telling them they have to wait more months to unlock those sets, and on top of it having to pay with it in Dilithium for not only the projects but the set itself.

If this is painless, then it's the type of pain you get when you're in shock.

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