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10-19-2012, 03:56 PM
We should be able to choose which rank is displayed. I know there have been threads about this for in game rank display, but it would be really cool for the Gateway as well. My character is not an admiral.

My ship's bridge stations show ALL BO powers as active. Even the BO in the Ensign slot has all 4 highlighted. The inactive powers should be darkened or not visible.

There should be an option or bar on every screen that allows you to go to any other screen. Right now it's Main Screen -> Ship Systems -> Main Screen -> Personnel Files -> Main Screen -> Accolades. There's plenty of examples of LCARS button bars that could be added to the top or bottom of the interface.

All my BOs are shown as the exact same height, filling their little rectangle. That is inaccurate.

Accolades only has a "Completed" tab, and no "Incomplete" or even an "In Progress" tab.

The log in screen has no option to remember my username.

Edit: There is a flashing blue light in the middle of the picture for the character select. It is behind the character, but part of it is noticeable. Additionally, the character select picture seems to be subject to some of the weird camera angles that the character database headshots were.
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