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Originally Posted by oracle54 View Post
They've said that thats an error.

What I want to know is if theres a way for the accolades for getting the optionals to reward reputation points
Fair enough. And in this vein..

Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
There will be a conversion that will be announced later.

We are returning dilithium to straight STF play, as well as allowing people to convert elite marks into dilithium.

More ways to earn dilithium are potentially coming soon as well...stay tuned.
Hypothetically, what will happen when people finish T5 reputation and are still earning regular Omega Marks? Perhaps a solution is to create a Reputation project (even if it is just a T5 project) which allows you to grind Marks into dilithium (much like the old system of converting EDCs and whatnot into dilithium).