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10-19-2012, 04:14 PM
* More uniforms! Or at least open up the existing uniforms for the other Klingon races for more variety.

* Fleet ships! We do not have one single "discounted" fleet ship, even though we have a variety of paid Z-Store ships. Even if it isn't the full four-module discount, if you buy the Tier 3 ship, maybe getting one or two modules discounted would make a difference.

* Adventure Zones! I'd really like something to do on Rura Penthe, for example.

* Cross Faction Gaming! I have a bunch of friends who play Fed, and it would be fun to have more missions we can fly together. that could encourage more people to go KDF if they knew they could still play with their friends.

* Ship Skins! It would be nice to be able to customize some of our ships more. Some of them are great (Vorcha) but many have no swappable parts at all.

* Customize the Color! One of the biggest complaints about KDF is the red/amber scheme. it doesn't have to be fully customizable, but at least another option. Maybe a Green scheme (for Orion/Gorns, for example) that people could opt for.