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Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
Several people that have looked at the system have mentioned that the pricing looks pretty achievable. They would be correct. This system was designed to be relatively painless, and was based on actual data draws of the daily currency earn rate of the average player then only a fraction of that.

For a peak at the future, running two T5 xp projects will cost 8k dilithium total. So we're asking for 8k dilithium every 40 hours at the very top end, not too bad.
That's fine. I think I can live with that.

Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
Gear will cost more in line with the dilithium store as far as dilithium costs go, but for actually progressing through the system and earning the captain powers its very very achievable.
You lost me there. The prices in the dilithium store are ridiculous. It's far easier to get similar stuff from the exchange right now.

The current STF stores are 2k for an item. Why on earth would you increase that by 5 or 10? That's the same equipment. It's not worse, not even better. Please keep in mind that you want this system to be "achievable". Or at least keep a random loot system so that we can still get the stuff from the existing stores.

I'mnot saying we should get cheap set parts for our boffs but at least the very first set a player gets should be as cheap as the existing ones, and the weaponry should cost 2k too, otherwise a ship would cost insane amounts of dilithium to stuff.

If prices are "on par" with the dil store a full ship equipement would cost 100k dil or so. That's far from being "achievable" and that's far from the 6 to 8 proto borg salvages it costs now.

These stores are in no way player-friendly. The current STF stores are. Why would you change that?