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10-19-2012, 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
There will be a conversion that will be announced later.
Will it give players who have been playing STFs and have large stockpiles of current STF currency enough time to react and plan?

Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
We are returning dilithium to straight STF play, as well as allowing people to convert elite marks into dilithium.
Are elite marks into dilithium going to be equivalent to converting EDCs or Salvage into Dilithium?

I'm assuming one MK XII [Borg] weapon at dilithium store price, the cost for 1 [Borg] Weapon will roughly take 20 STF runs assuming an Elite STF Dil reward of 1100.

To outfit a cruiser with 8 borg weapons will take 160 runs.

Is that a close estimate?

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