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Originally Posted by cousteau1701e View Post
I am experiencing this issue as well. I am using an iPhone 4.
iPhone users aren't alone. Can't access using my HTC Incredible using Android v2.2's standard browser. An older phone to be sure, but the browser should be current-generation. I can log in and authenticate with the Account Guard, but I can't directly click on the Login button because the Account Guard page won't let me scroll once I enter my Browser Name; when I click the return button on my device's on-screen keyboard (hit the Enter key) after entering my Browser Name in teh Account Guard page (in hopes of submitting the info I've just entered into the fields), it gives me the "Cannot POST /" error when I reach All testing done in portrait orientation.

Edit: Testing in Landscape, I can authenticate and get past the Account Guard, and can *barely* click the Login button on the Account Guard page. This allows proper login. However:

I got to my character select and selected my captain (no portrait was displayed), selected Ship Systems, and got a black screen; after that it gave me the maintenance message and booted me, had to use the Back button to get back to the login. <- I can replicated this 100% of the time.

I was able to bring up Accolades, and viewed an accolade, but when I used the Back arrow on the web page, I again got kicked.

Edit: There also needs to be a "remember account" cookie; I have a complicated password, and typing it in *every* time I visit the sight will be frustrating. At least save it on my mobile device or computer for 30 days or so.

Guess I'm glad this is still tied to Tribble; it's currently very buggy and drops my session (especially on my Android mobile phone) at the drop of a hat. McKayla is not impressed :/

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