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Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
Gear will cost more in line with the dilithium store as far as dilithium costs go, but for actually progressing through the system and earning the captain powers its very very achievable.
The Dilithium Store does not requires me to sink Dilithium, DOFFs and God knows what else for ACCESS, its there and so its price reflects the fact its open 24/7 anywhere in the Galaxy.

The Omega and Romulan Store are LOCKED away in the reputation system, its NOT the Dilithium Store as we even have to FARM currency to access it.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY no way they should be in line because entry costs are DIFFERENT and even CURRENCY is different due to marks.

And what is the purpose of this? the Fleets are already a MASSIVE Dilithium and DOFF sink as well requiring a lot of other stuff and you are pushing EVEN MORE of a sink into us? I cannot even AFFORD a Elite Fleet weapon because the massive BLACK HOLE of Dilithium that are projects makes damn sure I am not even able to keep enough to buy ANYTHING from it.