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10-19-2012, 04:46 PM
Oki ive been through some sadistic torture in Kerrat and altered builds several times, as well as read the forums and picked up some hints. Now I think I have a good counter to energy drain builds, so class in session!

Aceton assimilators: Simplest solution is to push them away when they pop up. Tractorbeam repulsor is an efficent way to move them out of range while your team/yourself stay away and deny the space.

Energy drain drones: The most efficent way is to use plasma mines. Since it deploys 4 mines the inital hit and the DoT, which i may add carries over to other targets, will get rid of them easy and the CD is low.

Tykens Rift: Hazard Emitters reduce the drain to a single point. Laugh as you stay in it and enjoy the pretty scenery.

Plasmonic Leech: This is maybe the hardest one to counter but max points into power insulators will reduce the effect. In addition add the consoles to add more prevention.

So there you have it folks. Less whine and more pew pew.
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