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Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
There will be a conversion that will be announced later.

We are returning dilithium to straight STF play, as well as allowing people to convert elite marks into dilithium.

More ways to earn dilithium are potentially coming soon as well...stay tuned.
That's fine and dandy, but if you introduce MORE ways to earn dilithium into the game, and introducing more ways to spend it, you're devaluing the currency overall. What will 1000 Dilithium be worth if one can has to choose between DOFFs, non-Rep gear, Rep gear, starbase assignments, the Zen Exchange, etc, etc.?

I guess that perhaps PWE thinks the RL value of Dilithium is costing them money, so they want to make more ways to spend Dilithium; in that way, people will need more of it, so they'll either have to spend most of their play time earning it, or buy Zen and then convert it to Dilithium. You'll need quite a bit of it to purchase exactly everything you want in game, between everything I mentioned above (and some things I have probably forgotten). It might turn into the equivalent of a loaf of bread costing $100. Certainly, this is a slippery slope argument, but it does truly seem to me that PWE is trying to devalue Dilithium in general by making many things in the game require it for their purchase.

I await the results of further testing by people who probably know better than I, but I'me currently cautiously pessimistic on how this will all end up.

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