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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I didn't say why people are using energy on a BOP in general, I use them on a BOP but on a Hegh'ta, not a B'rel. When you buy the B'rel off the Z-store what you are paying for is the enhanced battle cloak and are getting a bop with less hull too. The only point to use this ship is to fire and use sci abilities while cloaked, using energy weapons on it is pointless, might as well get in Hegh'ta instead and have more hull.
i get you 100%

all im saying is that i find it very easy to stay alive in this game. with epts1x2 and aux2sif auto popping on myself, omega around to get me out of almost anything, and rsp to bounce my go down fighting off of, it feels natural for me to have an engineering boff heavy tac bop.

just the lt universals tho, i can go without a sci boff these days very easy. there are a few bug builds that are a step in the progression there for me mentally.

and as always, the battlecloak is great to get out immediately, harden your hull, evasive and cloak. thats how i use it, to dissapear before i should be able to, not to just stay cloaked forever. might as well be a healer then.

have fun kill bad guys