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10-19-2012, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
So, you're saying you never saved EDCs, or converted salvage for set pieces you already had into items or Dilithium under the (now defunct on Tribble) old STF system? Effectively, both systems were/are 'grinds'.

The only thing new is there's no longer any random 'jackpot' per se (and time will tell if that's a better change in the general playerbase's eyes or not. The unlucky folks will no longer be randomly grinding STFs for the hope of that 'jackpot'. Now they'll know beforehand how many runs they'll need, etc; and can work toward a piece of gear knowing that in the end; they'll be sure to attain what they want.

Again, not saying it's a better or worse system yet (And for folks who liked the thrill of seeing what was in the bag at the end, and got lucky in the past they will probably not like the new setup. However, the players who've run 66+ STFs and not seen the item they want drop, will have a different perspective.)

Time will tell. It's certainly a major depature from most end-game/raid style loot mechanics like EQ and WoW.
It's fair if this was brand new for everyone.

But those of us who been working hard since December and yet to unlock Elite Sets for our characters, will have to start all over again. And that is far from fair. Even if Salami has a conversion for EDCs and Salvage, it will take months more work and resources to get to Tier 5 to unlock it.

So basically Cryptic just spit in our faces.

Then adding insult to injury, we now have to pay with Dilithium we no longer have, because of those stupid Starbase Projects left us bankrupt. Which means 0 progress.