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All the Cybermen are are Brains in a Cybersuit, would the Borg see them as worthy of Assimilation in that case, or just ignore them or destroy them? Technologically they seem to be a rival to or below the level of Borg, the only thing going for the Cybermen is that they have similar goals. And regarding the hacking thing, it's not a good thing if an EMH can reprogram Nanoprobes, like he did in the ST:VOY episode Scorpion Pt 2.
Yes but the doctor from voyager holds more medical knowledge than any organic species could possibly hope to posses. Not to mention since he's linked to voyager memory banks he can accesses anything in those banks that would help him reprogram the nano probes. Also remember the probes still assimilated all the doctor really did was help them adapt to the undine's compact DNA and added a self destruct mechanism.

As for the cybermen they are below the Borg in knowledge, strength, population, adaptability, ease of assimilation, and many other aspects. The cybermen don't even come close to being like a Borg.

As for Borg vs daleks the Borg outpower the daleks in man power, strength, ships and ship weapons plus defenses, as well as many more. But at least the daleks are worthy enough to be considered for assimilation unlike the cybermen.