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10-19-2012, 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Fleet Marks are rewarded by Fleet Content.
Romulan Marks are rewarded by Romulan Content.
Omega Marks are rewarded by Borg Content.

The only one of these that leaves wiggle room as a possible PvP reward is Fleet Marks, and that continues to be a topic of discussion. But it's a topic with relatively low priority when we're all running around trying to get Season 7 out the door on time.

Would it help at all if I mentioned that we've been kicking concepts for a possible PvP Reputation track?
and to be honest, if the abilities/gear gained didnt effect pvp then it wouldnt be an issue. but ONCE again youre releasing content that has direct impact on pvp with no way to earn any of it through pvp.

I also dont accept the "we're too busy with season 7" because you've had since season 6 was announce and it was discovered that there was no way to earn fleet marks to have done something about it. The next excuse could easily be "we're too busy with season 8".

see the issue here?

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